About Us

At Proud About It, we have a mission: offer a bit of fun, pride, and joy into your life by offering a variety of products that celebrate who you are.

One of the things that make the United States of America so great is the diversity and the freedom to be who we are. Here at Proud About It, we say, be “Proud About It” and “Celebrate it”.

Our products and stores’ purpose is to celebrate who you are with unique Apparel and Accessories...for everyone! From exclusively designed Apparel and Accessories that celebrates your American Pride and the US State you call home. Or perhaps your families Heritage and Ancestry combined with the US State you call home, to being a proud Dog Person or Cat Person. We offer something fun for everyone and are adding new products and categories all the time.

Show off who you are! Be Proud of who you are! Have fun with who you are! Our line of products offer a bit of fun, pride, and joy into your life. 

Innovative products are not all we do. We strive to combine fun and unique products with low prices and fantastic customer service. You can count on that!

Buy from us today and experience the Proud About It difference! You will be glad, and proud, you did!